Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tee Ball 2011

Zach played Tee Ball for the first time this year. He played in the 5-6 year old league and they had 6 games. This was our first sport that we had pratice one time a week. Right before the final game, I grabbed the camera before getting in the car. Zach asked why I was bringing the camera. I told him the other pictures I took hadn't turned out too good. He asked, "Why? Because I'm so fast." I said, "Yep, I think that's why."

This picture is of Zach after the game enjoying his after game treat of a Capri Sun and some Cheezits. Please note the dirt all over his hat. You might assume he has made some great sliding play. See photo below...nope, just building a dirt pile. I couldn't get close enough but wanted to capture this priceless moment.

Zach had a great time playing this season. Who knows if he will choose to play next year. Before the last game he announced he would be retiring from tee ball. After some investigation, he said he had a hard time paying attention. (I don't think you're the only one buddy!)
I did think he had a play or two that was pretty exciting for a mother to watch. The last game he managed to get an out at second (when he spent a serious time building sandcastles that does seem a bit amazing). He managed to stop the ball with a bare hand and then. shocked that he stopped it, looked into the stands at Craig and me to see what to do. Thank God Craig was paying attention. Craig yelled, "Zach touch second." I then joined him at waving arms and pointing to second base. He figured it out and ran over and triumphantly stomped on second base. A clear out. I asked him on the way home, how did you do that? He showed me by putting his hand out to one side, turning his head the other way and closing his eyes.
I love tee ball!

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