Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tee Ball 2011

Zach played Tee Ball for the first time this year. He played in the 5-6 year old league and they had 6 games. This was our first sport that we had pratice one time a week. Right before the final game, I grabbed the camera before getting in the car. Zach asked why I was bringing the camera. I told him the other pictures I took hadn't turned out too good. He asked, "Why? Because I'm so fast." I said, "Yep, I think that's why."

This picture is of Zach after the game enjoying his after game treat of a Capri Sun and some Cheezits. Please note the dirt all over his hat. You might assume he has made some great sliding play. See photo below...nope, just building a dirt pile. I couldn't get close enough but wanted to capture this priceless moment.

Zach had a great time playing this season. Who knows if he will choose to play next year. Before the last game he announced he would be retiring from tee ball. After some investigation, he said he had a hard time paying attention. (I don't think you're the only one buddy!)
I did think he had a play or two that was pretty exciting for a mother to watch. The last game he managed to get an out at second (when he spent a serious time building sandcastles that does seem a bit amazing). He managed to stop the ball with a bare hand and then. shocked that he stopped it, looked into the stands at Craig and me to see what to do. Thank God Craig was paying attention. Craig yelled, "Zach touch second." I then joined him at waving arms and pointing to second base. He figured it out and ran over and triumphantly stomped on second base. A clear out. I asked him on the way home, how did you do that? He showed me by putting his hand out to one side, turning his head the other way and closing his eyes.
I love tee ball!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Potty Training: The Sequel

It's officially started. We have started seriously potty training Dylan. He has been using the potty at school and we try to do it at home, but weren't real consistent. He had little interest. We started doing things they way we had with Zach but that soon turned out not to work for Dylan. (Shocking. I should realize by now they are not going to do anything the same.) Nothing really motivated him to stay dry. He would get wet and then just change and move on and do it again. Hence we waited until now to try again.

By George, I think he's getting it. The big draw for him...Tropical Sno.

This will be a common site for us this summer...

I'm just thankful it's cheap and open fairly late. Although the other morning, he woke up enthusiastically sat on the potty and went "number 2". He turned to me and said, "We go to Tropical Sno?" Oh buddy, I don't think it's open at 7:30am. A flaw to our otherwise brilliant plan. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boring Shoes

I was preparing Zach for his first day of vacation bible school at our church. I told him he was going to church the next day. He turned his nose up and said he didn't want to go to church. I said, it's not like on Sundays. You'll get to do fun stuff and play games. He said, "Do I have to wear my boring shoes?" I just laughed and said, "No, you can wear your running shoes." Oh, good.

He clearly did not want to wear the "nice" black shoes we have that he obviously only wears on Sunday and they are boring b/c you can't run in those! :) Too funny, I think I will always think of his dress shoes as his boring shoes from now on!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fireworks and Soccer

I've been bad about writing lately. They say fireworks season hasn't started yet, but I sure do feel busy enough! For whatever reason, if I have a work commitment in the evening or weekend, the funeral home seems to get very busy. Unfortunately, this last week we had our big trade show for Jakes, a large funeral in town (for a very young man who died tragically) and Craig's mom was in the hospital all in the same 3-4 day period. It was really a tough week for everyone emotionally and physically. We are glad it's over and we survived.
On a more upbeat note, we went to our first "shoot off". In the fireworks world, this is where we "shoot" off a lot of our products for customers who are buying wholesale from Jake's. They have it at the Frontenac City Park area and it's a pretty impressive showing of fireworks you can buy at stands all over the US and then they do a big professional finale that was quite impressive too. Dylan thought it was pretty neat although he was just as interested in the little baby next to him and then wanted his bed more than anything. Zach liked it a lot too but again was more impressed with the little book lights they give away to read the "shoot sheet" during the shoot off. Next year, we were given the tip to get a babysitter and bring our six pack of beer.
Soccer season has been going pretty well, all things considered. Craig has "gotten" to be the coach for 2 of the 4 games because our friend that volunteered originally didn't realize the games were on Wednesday and had to go out of town for work. (He thought they had Saturday games.) The irony of Craig coaching soccer will not be missed by some of you. He knows very little about soccer so his coaching will be limited to the Pee Wee league. It's a lot of fun for Zach and I think it's a great first experience for him with team sports. He loves running up and down the field and kicking the ball. He volunteered to be the first kid to be the goalie at the first game (which is somewhat unusual for Zach and I was very proud of him!). He also was standing next to his friend, Grant, when Grant kicked the ball in for a goal. I think Zach thinks he should get as much credit for the goal as Grant (I don't know, for moral support?). I like going to the games and especially while Dylan is being so good about sitting in his stroller and watching for most of the game. The last half gets a little tricky because Dylan just wants to run out on the field and kick the ball in the goal with the other boys (especially his big brother).
We are still working on balancing full-time working mom and life thing. I'm somewhat getting the hang of it, but it's definitely a challenge!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conversation with Zach

I wish I remembered to write down everything Zach is coming up with these days. I've decided that moms in general think our children are amazing and genius (b/c mine are, but I digress) because we remember when they physically couldn't hold their heads up on their own. Any progress after that seems miraculous and especially the thoughts they are able to develop on their own as they get older. Also the fact that they start to develop independent thoughts and actions after being 100% dependent on you. For now, I'll try and remember last nights bedtime discussion.
Zach got in a little tiff with his good friend, Grant. I can not get to the bottom of how this "great' fight began, but it ended with Grant telling Zach that his Dad was going to not let him be on his soccer team b/c his dad is the coach. See Zach, you better watch who you cross...Grant's got connections! :) Anyway, I chose this moment to teach Zach that friends can argue and still be friends the next day. He didn't seem too concerned about not being on the team and when I pressed him a little more to find out how it started, he clammed up. I asked him, "Did you say something that hurt Grant's feelings?" He returns with, " I can't remember that now Mommy. Some times I can only remember one thing. Like today I remembered my sunglasses." Well, what more could I expect from the boy!?!?! It just cracks me up how he comes up with his reasoning for not wanting to share his feelings/thoughts. Boys. They start early with this don't they! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Reading Buddy

I find it interesting that Dylan is quite into his books. I read the same amount to both boys and truth be told, probably more consistently to Zach. Zach has always been one for routine and would never let us skip 2 stories at bedtime. Dylan is an easy sleeper and hasn't cared too much about the routine (although lately his big monkey has to be in the bed and his blanket has so be laid over him, not next to him at night). Therefore, if the night was running a little late, books were possibly overlooked a time or two. He has started carrying books all over the house. Every room in the house has a different one or two board books that Dylan has insisted come down with him in the morning. It's really kind of funny. He says, "book" very clearly and tonight said Ba Ban for Brown Bear...a Ward family favorite.
So maybe I'll have someone in the family to have literary discussions with after all!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dylan Dialogue

I forgot. 12-24 months is all about speech acquisition. Not only is Dylan working on saying any and every word he can, he is also learning all about non-verbal communication. He is a huge "nodder."
"Dylan, do you want to go to bed?" He's curled up in my lap, rocking in a quiet, dark room with his pacifier in and his blanket all curled up.
He will shake his head no.
"Do you want to rock with mommy?"
Nod yes.
It's really cute and I love it! :)

He can point to most of his body parts when you ask him "Where's your...?" questions. He likes his tummy and he's learning knees and elbows right now. He also can tell you a lot of animals and what they "say". He really likes cow and duck sounds too. I asked him today, "What does a mommy say?" He put his fingers to his lips and made the shushing sound. Not that I do that a lot, but in the Wheels on the Bus song the Mommy on the bus says sh, sh, sh.

Another cute little story about language never know how much they understand until something like this and then it's an ah ha moment of realization.
We were playing with some coins in a jar on the floor. Dylan was picking them up and pushing them around on the carpet. I kept saying, "Dylan, put them in here." He would take the penny and look like he was putting it in his ear. He kept doing this and I couldn't figure out what in God's name was making him try and put a penny in his ear. Until I realized what I was saying. "Dylan, put them in "HERE". Not put them in your "EAR"."
Too funny...he was just doing what he thought he heard me say. I can just imagine him thinking, "not sure why she wants me to put it in my ear, but okay." :) Once I said it clearly and showed him - not "in your ear, but in here." He did it. I'm sure he was thinking, that makes more sense lady! :)

One more funny 18 month story.
He loves being tickled and has such an infectious laugh that we love tickling him. His toes, his tummy and under his chin are sure fire ways to get a giggle. The other day I was tickling him in the kitchen. (Which can be scary because he'll fall to floor laughing and it's hard ceramic tile in there!) Anyway, he was laying on the floor laughing and I stop tickling because I'm always afraid he can't catch his breath or it's not fun anymore (if you have an older sibling, you know it can cross a line quickly). So I stopped. He finally caught his breath and then pulled up his shirt pointed to his belly and said, "Mo, Mo". He was ready for More! Absolutely adorable!